Rules for publishing article

1. The periodical network journal publishes original scientific articles, scientific reviews, scientific research results, theoretical and experimental works, materials of scientific conferences on the theory and practice of service-combat (operational-service) training of law enforcement agencies, occupational education, the formation of a healthy lifestyle and the promotion of professional health among military personnel, police officers and federal officials of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation and other law enforcement agencies. The articles are written by the scientific and pedagogical staff of scientific and educational organizations (institutions), applicants for scientific degrees, as well as citizens carrying out scientific research according to a personal initiative.

2. The mass media is published quarterly in a full-text electronic version and posted on the Internet at the following address:

3. The Founder does not pay remuneration to the author(s) for the articles or the perpetual rights transferred under the contract to publish an electronic version of their article, or the right to use the work.

4. Publication of articles in a scientific journal is free for authors.

5. The materials published in the media should not contain information related to state, official or commercial secrets.

6. Articles in a scientific journal are published in Russian.

7. The process of publication in a scientific journal includes obligatory peer review.

8. Only original articles that have not previously been published in other research journals. The manuscript can contain no more than 20% of the material printed in other publications (including self-citation).